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Replacement Motors
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Swimming Pool Pumps and Accessories

Pumps are the Heart of any system, and must be selected carefully. Consideration has to be given as to application, head resistance and flow requirements. Below are a few of the many we carry along with a bit of info on each. If you require help in selecting one for your system, please don't hesitate to contact us. Prices subject to change without notice.


We also carry but don't list in detail yet 1 and 2 speed:

  • Hayward, Super from $467, or Super II from $516, or Max-Flo from $411, North Star from $876 and Turbo-Flo II from $395.
  • Pentair Hydro pumps from $630
  • Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas from $524 or Dura-Glas from $568 or Dura-Glas II from $748 or Maxi-Glas from $816
  • Other makes also available. Call 604-461-7727 for details and prices.

Hot tub/ Spa Pumps and Accessories

Call if you need more specifics, single speed motor, or different pump wet end. The following are example prices until I get more listed for you. We have just about every pump and motor combination available to us. There is little we don't have access to. 604-461-7727

Tiny Might Circulation pumpsTiny Might.jpg (73975 bytes)  by
1/16 hp, a terrific little pump for quiet circulation.
Starting as low as $195, Unions and electrical cord extra.

 Pictured below is an Aqua Flow "FMHP" side discharge pump mounted to a 48 Frame motor. Female 1.5" pump union extra $7.50 each.


  • Motor/pump 1 hp, 2 speed only $300 (specify 110v or 220V)
  • Motor/pump 1.5 hp, 2 speed only $325 (specify 110v or 220V)
  • Motor/pump 2.0 hp, 2 speed only $350 (only avail in 220v)
  • Motor/pump 3.0 hp, 2 speed only $375 (only avail in 220v)
  • Motor/pump 4.0 hp, 2 speed only $400 (only avail in 220v)
  • Motor/pump 5.0 hp, 2 speed only $450 (only avail in 220v)

Replacement pumps ranges available 3/4 hp to 2 hp, $95  
Replacement impellers only  range 3/4 hp to 2 hp, $25 each

Replacement motor ranges common in hot tub use, All 48 frame, 2 speed.

  • 1 hp replacement motor only $275
  • 1.5 hp replacement motor only $300
  • 2 hp replacement motor only $325
  • 3 hp replacement motor only $350
  • 4 hp replacement motor only $375
  • 5 hp replacement motor only $400



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