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Sauna Kits

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Sauna Kits

The kits listed below all contain the following items:

- A wood package of tongue and groove, Western Red Cedar, sufficient to cover walls and ceiling to 7' heights, benches, PVC charcoal 12" x 12" Homecraft floor tiles to cover traffic areas, and cedar guard rail.

- 1 pre-hung insulated cedar door.

- Homecraft Sauna heater with control.

- Vapor-proof, wall mounted light fixture.

Aluminum foil vapor barrier with kraft backing.

- Sauna thermometer and complete instructions.

Consider the following when deciding on a kit. How long a bench is required so you may lie down. How high so you can stand up. Benches are standard 2 high by 19" wide. This equals 38" so there is not a lot of room left for the heater plus walking room if the room is too small. Custom configurations are possible and of course will have to be priced as such. Required from you would be the stud walls c/w strapping, insulation and of course the power supply. Make sure you have the power for the heater you will need.

Room Size (ft.) Heater Retail Price
PC 4x4 CHSH 4 $1792.65
PC 4x5 CHSH 4 $1903.65
PC 4x6 CHSH 5 $2007.65
PC 4x7 CHSH 5 $2113.65
PC 4x8 CHSH 5 $2215.65
PC 5x4 CHSH 4 $1881.65
PC 5x5 CHSH 5 $2012.65
PC5x6 CHSH 5 $2119.65
PC 5x7 CHSH 5 $2250.65
PC 5x8 HSH 6 $2436.65
PC 6x5 CHSH 5 $2097.65
PC 6x6 HSH 6 $2294.65
PC 6x7 HSH 6 $2411.65
PC 6x8 HSH 7.5 $2669.65
PC 7x6 HSH 6 $2382.65
PC 7x7 HSH 7.5 $2657.65
PC 7x8 HSH 9 $2845.65
PC 8x8 HSH 9 $2960.65

All prices are in Canadian dollars, Fob our Distributors warehouse in North Vancouver. Due to the volitility of the cedar market, prices may vary so please dont hesitate to request a quotation. Please specify 2x4 or 2x6 studded wall, the swing of the door and the wall it is in.

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