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Dorlon Spa Covers
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Contact Us - Dorlon

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(unless you co-ordinate your own freight from the factory)


I want to commend you and your company rep. (Mike) for the extremely good and personal service you've shown me on this purchase. Buying a spa cover is not (in the grand scheme of things) a significant purchase. Yet, my calls were returned promptly, your company rep. showed up on time, no attempt was made to unnecessarily sell me a more expensive cover than required and all interactions were noticeably polite throughout.
Thank you.
A happy customer.
Mike Shane

Simplified spa cover information and ordering for those whom don't have time to research all the details. 

Please note, we can not dispose of your old spa cover in May or June, as these are the busiest months of the year and we are limited for space, we have products coming in and going out. In addition, this is the time of year we are trying to focus on the swimming pool season and have limited resources to deal with the spa covers this time of year.


Here at Absolute, we strive for customer service second to none. Our first priority is your satisfaction. Second, the best value for your dollar possible. Word of mouth has been our best form of advertising. 

If your in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, We can also provide to you at NO additional charge, an in home demonstration, free measuring for guaranteed fit, personal delivery and disposal of your old spa cover if requested. Again at no extra charge! Details are in the "Contact us" order form at the end of each Dorlon section

These hot tub cover web pages, are here more for our customers that we can’t meet in person or live to far away for it to be feasible to meet with personally.

Remember, in most cases we pay for shipping to you, included in our prices. Yes, these are Canadian Dollar prices!
We also carry Cover lifters and Rollers.

Standard features on our covers are:

  • Commercial quality, durable “Marine Grade Vinyl”, mildew & oil resistant, c/w UV inhibitors.

  • Diverse color selections.

  • Custom manufactured to specifications.

  • Multiple choices in thickness and tapers.

  • Extruded tempered aluminum channel reinforcement.

  • Foam core protected by heavy mil, vapour barrier.

  • Corrosion proof security locks c/w keys.

  • Comprehensive warranties.

  • Some covers “Power Smart Approved”.

  • Nylon, corrosion resistant zippers.

  • Closed cell foam cores.

  • Considerable Multi-piece custom cover experience.

Dorlon Spa Covers

So many choices! There is a cover for EVERY application, budget and need here. Nobody builds a better cover for the price.

We also carry Cover lifters and Rollers.
Need detailed information on how to measure your spa cover.

Spa cover FAQ's (new!)

Answers to questions like these about most manufactured spa covers.

Q. How long do covers last?
Q. Why do large thick cover have a shorter life expectancy?
Q. Should I remove the foam core inserts to dry them out?
Q. How can I improve the life of my cover?
Q. My vinyl is in good shape but the insert are heavy or broken.
or  My inserts are in good shape but the vinyl is deteriorating.

Q. What should I do if my cover smells moldy or musty?
Q. What kind of foam do you use?
Q. What does foam density have to do with? 
Q. How much do I save adding an inch of thickness to the cover?
Q. What do you recommend a good value, well built, spa cover?
Q. Are your prices Canadian or American dollars?


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