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Jac-Pac Sterilizers

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Jac-Pac Technology

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Jac-Pac Technology

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Specialty UltraViolet Water Sterilization Products.

For out of town orders, replacement parts or inquiries, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Peter @ JacPac UV 604-780-4702

JP-1100-HT Hot Tub and Spa Sterilizing System.
(Water the way nature intended)

The Jac-Pac is not an ozonator as assumed by many dealers and customers. Although it does use some common technology like an Ultraviolet lamp, that is where the similarity ends.
When the JAC-PAC is plumbed and wired properly into the spa system, the spa water circulates through the JAC-PACís reaction chamber, which houses a custom manufactured, germicidal, high intensity ultraviolet lamp. When water, bacteria and pathogens pass through the JAC-PACís reaction chamber, they are exposed to the high intensity ultraviolet rays which are being emitted in the germicidal wave length frequency range of 253.7 nanometers. It is a known fact that this level of UV exposure disrupts the D.N.A. bonding and stops the bacteria from breeding and consequently the organisms die.

The JAC-PAC is extremely effective in killing micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mold spores without altering or affecting the spa water in any way. The unique design of the flow chamber assures the highest kill rate. However some bacteria or viruses that are clinging to the walls of the spa, in the pipes or filter may not go through the JAC-PAC so it is recommended that you superchlorinate to sanitize, disinfect and oxidize periodically (1-3 times per week "depending on bather load" with 4-5 ppm chlorine-a cup of bleach). This will eliminate any intruders that cannot passed through the JAC-PAC and remove them from the surfaces which they cling to. This is where the Jac-Pac also comes in nice, because the JAC- PAC accelerates chlorine and burns the chlorine off in 4 to 8 hours (unlike an ozonator), the next time you use the spa the water is pure, odorless and chemical free. The best quality of water to soak and relax in.
You can use granular or liquid chlorine (bleach) manually to achieve this. We recommend bleach. Once you know how much you need for your application you donít need to test your chlorine ever again not to mention soaking in chemicals. Do Not Attempt to use a floating dispenser in conjunction with a JAC-PAC (like you would with an ozonator) as the chlorine or bromine will never reach a high enough residual to be effective in killing bacteria on the walls and plumbing. The JAC-PAC will just burn off these chemicals as fast as they dissolve. An ozonator (which also deteriorates spa covers and rubber) is recommended to operate with a constant residual of chlorine or bromine to maintain effective sterilizing and oxidizing. The JAC-PAC cannot operate with a constant residual of chlorine or bromine, as it burns off and removes harmful chemicals quickly, making it almost impossible to keep a residual of chlorine or bromine in the water. Even if you tried to soak in chemicals you would have a tough time doing it (I don't know why you would want to though). This is what allows you to enjoy odorless, chemical free water. As you are putting in much less chemicals, less frequently, you will only change your spa water every 4-6 months instead of every 2-3 months. Donít forget all alternative sterilization systems chemical free or not, require proper pH levels and clean filters. There is nothing on the market yet that replaces these tasks, other than expensive automation.

This is one of, if not 'the most' innovative, safest ways of sanitizing a spa or hot tub without having a lot of chemical testing, maintenance or headache to enjoy pure chemical free water for soaking in. It will be cleaner, safer water than your bath tub. The next closest way I know of to soak in water like this, is to drain and refill your spa, rebalance the pH and heat the spa after every use. This gets very time consuming and is very expensive for heating costs. Yes, this unit will save you in chemical costs, but we prefer to look at the quality of water as being the selling feature with the savings as a nice added bonus to the whole system. All your natural body oils WILL NOT be stripped off you either, leaving you with dry itchy skin and hair, like chlorine and bromine does. All the natural microbiology on your skin protecting you from infections are left in place without harm. The water is odorless and silky. Ever shower or bath in bottled quality water? That is essentially what your hot tub will be like...." Imagine! "

 On top of all that, all the chemicals you need, you probably have in your household or can be purchased at your local corner store.

They are; 

  • Non scented, non sudsing, Household Bleach (liquid chlorine). 
  • Baking soda and/or caustic soda or soda ash (to raise the pH). 
  • Vinegar, or muriatic acid (to lower the pH). 
  • TSP or automatic dishwasher detergent (to soak and clean cartridge filters). 
  • No other products are required unless you have a favorite clarifier you like to use, and/or water softener if you live in an area with hard water.

The Technology Behind the Jac-Pac

BC Research Test Results

Jac-Pac Suggested List Price $695, 
Replacement UV Lamps, Suggest List $129, 


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