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Bacteriostatic Efficacy Of Jac-Pac Model JP-1100-HT

Water samples taken, before and after use by bathers, from a Kocohani Holdings Infinity six person hot tub equipped with the above sterilizer were analyzed for total and fecal coliforms and standard plate counts. Bacterial levels were determined following methods given by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists and Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.

An initial sample was taken after the tub had been unused for two days. A second sample was taken after 2.83 person hours (5 bathers for 35 minutes each) exposure to bathers. Follow up samples were then taken at 1, 6 and 23 hours after exposure to bathers.

The analytical results are shown in Table 1. All coliform organisms were killed within 1 hour after bather exposure. Standard plate counts were reduced to below pre-exposure levels within 6 hours after bather exposure.

L.J. Hunt
Technical Services Representative

Microbiological Results- Table 1 of 1 Jac-Pac for Spas and Hot Tubs
Sample Standard Plate Counts (cfu/100ml) Total Coliforms (cfu/100ml) Fecal Coliforms (cfu/100ml)
Before Bather Exposure 5 0 0
Immediately After Bather Exposure 32 16 11
1 Hour After Bather Exposure 44 0 0
6 Hours After Bather Exposure 0 0 0
23 Hours After Bather Exposure 0 0 0


Bacteriostatic Efficacy Of Jac-Pac Model JP-1203-CTUV Water Purifier


Western Water contacted BC Research Inc. to conduct a bacteriostatic efficacy evaluation of the JP-1203-CTUV Water Purifier. The water purifying unit consists of a 0.5 um carbon block filter and a UV lamp placed in the center of the cartridge.

Dechlorinated Vancouver city tap water contaminated with raw sewage at five levels (Tables 1 and 2) was passed through the purifier at a rate of 50 ml/second. Samples taken before and after passing through the purifier were analyzed for total and fecal coliform levels and standard plate counts were determined following methods given in the Association of Official Analytical Chemists and Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water.

The analytical results are as shown in Tables 1 and 2. The product water meets or is better than the requirements set out in the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, 1987, prepared by the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health. These guidelines require that Drinking water contain no more than 10 total coliform organisms/100ml and that no fecal coliform organisms be detected. Standard plate count must be less than 500 organisms/ml.

E. Lee
Research Microbiologist
Environmental Sciences and Engineering

This filter is capable of traping and destroying 99.99% of parasites and bacteria.

Total and Fecal Coliform Results- Table 1
Inoculums Level Treatment Total Coliform (cfu/100ml.) Fecal Coliform (cfu/100ml)
Low (1000 cfu/100ml.) No Treatment (start) 1500 1100
  uv -filter (1min) 0 0
  uv -filter (2 min) 0 0
  uv -filter (5 min) 0 0
Medium (2500 cfu/100ml.) No Treatment (start) 4000 2700
  1 min. 0 0
  2 min. 0 0
  5 min. 0 0
High (10000 cfu/100ml.) No Treatment (start) 13300 9000
  1 min. 0 0
  2 min. 0 0
  5 min. 0 0


Standard Plate Count (total bacteria- 500/ml max allowable) -Table 2
Inoculums Level Treatment Standard Plate Count (cfu/ml.)
Low (45 cfu/ml) No Treatment (start) 45
  uv - filter (1 min) 0.1 (0.05%)
  uv - filter (2 min) 0
  uv - filter (5 min) 0
High (195 cfu/ml) No Treatment (start) 195
  uv - filter (1 min) 5 (2.55%)
  uv - filter (2 min) 2 (1.02%)
  uv - filter (5 min) 2 (1.02%)

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