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Member of Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC - Our NEW Phone # 604-464-7727 effective Sept 2/03 - Mention you saw us on the web.


Maintenance Services

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Maintenance Services

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This is a detailed description of the services ... There is a discount hidden on this page!

Please note, the majority of our new clients come from referrals.  These rates are not here to solicit new business so much as to verify our rates to current customers. 

Key Benefits

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, always fair  prices guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed professional quality work.
  • Members of BBB of Vancouver lower mainland
  • Rod has been repairing pool and spa equipment full time since 1987
  • Full disclosure, All replaced parts left in the possession of owner.
  • When all said and done, we frequently average 20% below competition on final bill.
  • No B.S. Just the facts!


Based on 25 years of billing experience (over 50,000 service calls) we found that rather than randomly running all over town and charging a minimum 1 hour fee, and or driving time, we would manage our time as efficiently as possible.  This was especially beneficial to our clients because all to frequently a service call would take between 15-45 minutes. We felt it unfair that those that received a 5 or 10 minute service call paid the same as a person that received a 60 minute service call.

You may want to also note. We are exceptionally efficient at what we do. Comparing rates from one company to the next is virtually redundant. Instead get a quote on the whole job completed. This is a much more accurate way of pricing one company against another. 

Below are some examples of average rates for common jobs. 
These prices Including Parts, Labour and Taxes.

  • Diagnose electrical problems $0-$70
  • Replace Spa Heaters $110-$160 
  • Motor bearing $150-$250
  • Mechanical Pump seal leaks $90-$150
  • Accessible Leaks $70-$200
  • Replace sand in sand filter $250-$500
  • Gas Heater Maintenance service $70-$200
  • Air Button problems $70-$150
  • Replace Motor $350-$600
  • Replace whole spa pack $750-$1500
  • Replace Ozone generator $150-$250

Remember average prices above are "ALL INCLUSIVE". Parts, labour & taxes are included. Some exceptions obviously apply. 

If we need to return because we don't have your parts in stock, this is our problem not yours. You will NOT receive an extra service call charge. (i.e. you will not be billed the minimum first 15 minute charge twice) This encourages us to stock all common parts in our trucks. It also provides you with quick service.

Our rates are currently $69.95 for the first 30 minutes & $25 each additional 15 minutes rounded down not up to the nearest 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes is where all our costs lie. Scheduling, driving, billing, administration etc... after that you are basically paying $100/hr rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes. For example I'm clocked in there for 37 minutes, that rounds down to 30 min.=$69.95+applicable taxes

Remember, Satisfaction Guaranteed or we Work for Free. Always Fair!

Other Rates Available are: Based on experience, tasks involved, stock on hand. Always fair and each persons final bill will average the same. Our pricing structure works to your advantage in most cases. 

Mike - $49.95(Maint.) or $69.95(Service) for 1st 15 minutes, $20 each additional 15 minutes. Or, you may choose a flat $89.95/hr  minimum 1 hr.

Rod - $69.95 for 1st 15 minutes, $25 each additional 15 minutes. Or, you may choose a flat $99.95/hr  minimum 1 hr. 

If you expect the job will take 1 hour choose the flat rate while scheduling the service call with us. If your not sure and expect it could take much longer or shorter than one hour choose our price structure, you will save money. Also keep in mind we will always be fair. We want you as a repeat customer that refers us to friends and family. We will do whatever we can to keep you a happy customer. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we Work for Free. If you abuse that policy frequently, we simply won't do work for you in the future. We will say thank you for think of us, but no thank you. WE WILL NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR PATRONAGE, WE EXPECT THE SAME.

Your probably getting the idea by now that we are open and honest. I will always tell you the truth. I have nothing to hide that way. I refuse to tell you what you want to hear to get your business unless it is honest and ethical.


If it is pool or spa equipment that is broken, doing strange things, making noises or not, or needs to be diagnosed, inspected, repaired or replaced. Make sure you call for a quote or appointment. Nobody can diagnose a problem better. Others try fix the symptoms leaving the original problem behind.

Specializing in Electrical Diagnostics, Chemical & Water problems.

To Contact Us fastest PHONE

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We will contact you ASAP. Please also feel free to call.
 Say you saw us on the web and "ask to receive 20% off the labour rates".

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To increase the likeliness of an e-mail response please include your phone number(s) complete with area code, city and full name. Those of you that are currently in my Data Base, or potential clients in the Lower Mainland will receive priority. Please refrain from trying to contact me directly if you are outside the Vancouver Lower Mainland, with the exception of Spa & Hot tub Cover Inquires.   Also try this search engine for additional help or our extensive Lottsa FAQ's! section.  You can also research your chemicals and chemistry here.

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