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Dorlon Features

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Reinforced Handles

These handles are the strongest in the industry. All "Dorlon Spa Covers" come complete with nylon web reinforced handles. Not only are they strong but as the vinyl ages, the webbing prevents the vinyl that would normally bend back and forth from cracking and breaking.

DCFea IG handle.jpg (29107 bytes)  
 & SuperGuard Handles.

DCFea IG handle webbing inside.jpg (32007 bytes)DCFea IG handle webbing.jpg (36826 bytes)See the Nylon webbing inside these exceptionally strong handles. I haven't see a stronger handle yet by any of our competitors!

DCFea EG handle.jpg (31200 bytes)

EconoGuard handles

DCFea EG handle webbing inside.jpg (35246 bytes)
EconoGuard also uses nylon web reinforced handles. 

See the Nylon webbing >

All Dorlon Spa covers ordered through Absolute Pool & Spa Services also come with an inside hinge handle as well. This is a No Extra Charge Add-on Feature through us. 

DCFea inside handle2.jpg (37909 bytes)Centered inside the hinge area, this handle is great with cover lifters, gazebos or just to lift the cover back onto the spa before you get out so you don't have to bend over and lift the cover back on the spa. Also nylon web reinforced.

The Hinge

DCFea hinge end close up.jpg (36772 bytes)These hinges are so strong that it is extremely unlikely you will ever see it come apart here. Even as the cover is well aged.

DCFea Nylon web hinge.jpg (42153 bytes)
The reason these hinges are so strong. Simple... Nylon web reinforced.

Spa cover lifter friendly

Another reason they are so strong.DCFea hinge inside layers.jpg (31790 bytes) There are 2 double layers vinyl used. Then they are doubled up and double stitched to make 
8 layers thick! 
 DCFea inside handle.jpg (26100 bytes)Don't forget about that handy handle inside the hinge. Once you have a cover with an inside handle, chances are you won't go without one again.
DCFea hinge end.jpg (36132 bytes)The zipper inside the hinge for accessing the foam insert, is also protected in addition to being corrosion proof. Note:
The SuperGuard, InsulGuard & EconoGuard hinges are built with the same quality. There is no difference.

The Foam Core Inserts

The Dorlon Inserts are built with exceptional attention to detail. A heavy gauge poly wrap is just the beginning to a quality insert.

Addition layer of protection at the hinge area of the insert.
DCFea Insert.jpg (24895 bytes)This often the location that receives the most abuse on a cover. It also prevents the aluminum channel from cutting through the poly wrap. Standard to all models that Dorlon builds.

3 Densities of foam to choose from, the standard 1lb foam. The medium (many of our competitors call high density) 1.4/1.5 lb  foam. And the strong high density 2.4 lb foam-exclusive to Dorlon. 
wpe34.jpg (8293 bytes)You can reference your current covers foam, the little round white dot on the left side of the image is about 1/4" or 1/2 centimeter across 

Steel vs alum.jpg (29903 bytes)Aluminum C Channel reinforced. Aluminum is much more expensive to use compared to steel. Stronger & doesn't rust.

Competitors advertise steel which sounds stronger but fact is thinner, weaker and can rust. It cost much less for them to use and the rough rusted edge of steel is very abrasive to poly wrap. Bottom 3 samples are Steel

cover_superguard insert06.jpg (33594 bytes)The SuperGuard inserts are exceptionally strong. A 90" long insert spanned across a spa supported on at the ends only.

cover_superguard insert12.jpg (53580 bytes)Here our combined weight on this SuperGuard insert is in excess of 375 lbs. It is supported on the ends only! 

The next page you should go to will teach you about the different models available. The SuperGuard the InsulGuard and the EconoGuard Each have there advantages and benefits. Research each to find the one right for your needs and budget.

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