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Electric Heaters

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Spa Heater/control modules

Aqua Spa Pak ASP9000 basic heater module 115v or 230 volt. 1.5/4/5.5 kW heater, thermostat, high limit, on/off switch, pump cord receptacle, base, stainless steel heater housing and pump hi/low speed control switch. 
Call for Pricing

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When ordering or calling for exact pricing for your application, include heater size, (1.5 kW for 115v system or 4 kW usually for 230v 30Amp service and 5.5 kW for 230v 40 amp service) also if you require a pump and motor, the horse power (hp) and or the voltage rating of your current motor. If using an existing motor with this module you will probably need a pump cord (to match the female cord receiver built into this module) 

Options and Accessories available.

  • 24 hr or 7 day Timers

  • GFCI's built in

  • Electronic thermostats

  • Ozone ready (specify voltage 115 or 230v)

  • Aux. pump ready (specify voltage 115 or 230v)

  • Blower ready (specify voltage 115 or 230v)

  • Silent circulation pump receptacles

  • Light (12v)

  • Spa side control (type and voltage req'd)

  • Matching male receptacle cords for specific accessories.


Raypak SpaPak Spa/Hot Tub Electric Heaters

Ray Pak Electric Heater When electricity is the energy choice Ray Pak is the qualitychoice - dependable, troublefree, performance-proven - with corrosion-free 100% copper and bronze waterways. Two compact models - 5.5kw and 11kw - built to last by the company renowned for reliability.

SpaPak spa/hot tub electric heaters furnish sustained heat to provide the maximum benifits of hydrotherapy...including stress reduction, relaxation, and arthritis/pain relief.


Model Water Temperature Rise in Degrees F/hr.
5 deg. 10 deg. 15 deg. 20 deg. 25 deg.
Gallons of Water
5.5kw 450 225 150 113 95
11kw 900 450 300 225 190

Ray Pah Electric Heater Size
Model A B* Water connection C Power Weight
5.5kw 16 1/8" 8" 1 1/2" 4" 240/1/60 26 lbs.
11kw 23 1/8" 15" 1 1/2" 11" 240/1/60 31 lbs.
*Centre-line distance between water connections

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