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Fiber Optics

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We have a number of sources for Fiber optics. (Photos pending)

We have access to :

  • Hayward Supervision
  • Fiberstars
  • Fiber Optic Technologies

A variety of towers or illuminators Starting as low as $199 for all types of applications including: 

  • Fence/wall mount units
  • Towers
  • Underground illuminators
  • Commercial units

In a variety of prices and options, including:

  • Multicolor color wheels up to 8 colors
  • Remote controls
  • Fiber strand capacities
  • quartz, or metal halide
  • Programmable dusk to dawn sensors

As well we have access to many accessories like:

  • 4"x4" pavers for wall or deck
  • Feature lights
  • Polycarbonate light sticks
  • Acrylic/pvc light sticks
  • Pagoda light sticks
  • Flexable spot light stick
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Lenses in glass & plastic for Liners, Concrete or Fiberglass. Spot & Flood style.
  • Waterfall light bars
  • Deck stars
  • And much much more

Fiber strands in a wide range of sizes, strands and lengths for any application.

Have an Ideal of what you want? Give us a call for some pricing. Or even better fax a sketch of your ideal layout and we can make suggestions and give you more accurate pricing.

Phone 604-464-7727 or fax to 604-942-0685


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Just some of the suppliers and product lines we work with.


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