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Before we go any further...

If you haven't already measured your cover accurately then stop here. We need accurate measurements. We are not responsible for mis-measured covers. To find out what we need for measurements and how to measure click here

Information Request / Order Form 


Select the items that apply to, or interest you. (prices are in Canadian$)
Note: No order will be process until we contact you to verify all details and payment information. 

In order to assure a proper fitting cover please carefully measure your spa and fill in the following form. All measurements must be in inches. Please note; these covers are made to YOUR specifications, and we can not take responsibility for miss-measurements!

Ordering    Requesting Price  Requesting information

Red indicates Required field Information

Your overall Measurements Length X Width (inches)
 Length & Width Should be Like 88"x76"   Not Like 7'4"x6'4" 

Choose Your Cover Here

Only 1.5lb High density foam is available from Sta-Warm at this time. 

The following represents an average 90” x 90” cover and is to be used as a comparative guide only for all covers. Prices

B.C. Hydro
Power Smart

Availability with 

2 year warranty

relative flexural strength
based on 2" flat

average total R-value for cover


weight of cover based on 90"x90"


1lb Foam 

listed here for comparative purposes only

2” flat




used here for comparative reference only

Base Multiplier

7.0 - 7.4

30 lbs.
1.4 / 1.5lb







2” flat
Up To 84"
84" to 96"




1.5 x

7.6 - 8.2

32 lbs.

3” flat
Up To 84"
84" to 96"


Yes, If used with floating


2.1 x

11.4 - 12.3

40 lbs.

3” - 2” tapered
Up To 84"
84" to 96"




1.75 x

9.5 - 10.3

35 lbs.

4” - 3” tapered  
Up To 84"
84" to 96"




2.45 x

13.3 - 14.4

46 lbs.

From the picture below choose the shape of your cover. NOTE: Some spas, such as Hot Springs (with curved sides) do not fit any of the choices shown. We have templates for many spas. Call us. We will need to know the brand and model. Also allows us to double check your measurements for you.

Make/Brand of Spa.   
Model of Spa.            

spa cover


From the picture above, fill in the direction of the hinge of the cover. i.e. if the hinge runs parallel to measurement A, type in "A".
Hinge Direction:  and/or

Fill in the measurements in inches that corresponds to that shape (if a particular measurement is not in your covers shape please write "N/A"). 
Please round up to nearest 1/2" inch.  A: B: C: D: E:

Diagonal Measurement Inches
This allows us to double check your measurements for you to some degree.

Some covers have corners that are rounded. If yours has rounded corners please fill in the dimension of the radius, in inches, as pictured, below ( hint: if the number you give is larger than the correct dimension the cover may not fit, when in doubt make the radius a little smaller and the cover should fit ok ). If the corners of your cover are square please leave this blank.

R: Please round down this measurement to nearest whole inch.



From the picture below, covers generally have a "skirt" of fabric hanging down the side to cover and protect the edge of your spa (some spas that are flush to a deck may require no skirt, if so choose none), please select that measurement below.

Skirt Length:  

Custom Length Round up to nearest 1/2 inch.

These covers come standard with 2 latching straps that are 8" long (see picture below). If you prefer, you may enter your choice for  no straps, a different length or more straps (enter "0" for no straps, or indicate a different number and length if desired. i.e 2 straps at 10" would be entered as 2@10).


From the picture below choose a color (please note, colors may vary slightly from how they appear on your computer). SuperGuard & InsulGuard are available in 13 colors. EconoGuard (further below) are available in 5 color choices. Please pick a color in the appropriate group to the cover your looking for. Click the radio button on the color you like.

8 Colors to choose from!
 SWAllcolors.jpg (82855 bytes)

#22 Navy Blue
#25 Sapphire
#23 Lt Grey
#26 DK. Grey
#21 Teal Green
#28 Forest Green
#24 Brown
#27 Maroon

Click one of the following delivery options

Delivery Option A  

FREE DELIVERY ! If your in the Vancouver lower mainland. We'll even dispose of your old cover during delivery of your new cover. (Subject to W.C.B. limitations and regulations. The old cover should be out front and ready to be loaded into our truck on delivery day, especially if it is heavy and/or needs to be carried a long distance or thru a house to be disposed of. We usually have only 1 guy making the delivery/pick up.) We don't frequently service some areas like Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Aldergrove, Langley. To prevent long delays that may occur if your in one of the outskirt areas we don't service frequently, you may want to co-ordinate your own freight or pick up the cover yourself and save. See options below to speed up the process for you.

Delivery Option B

OR SAVE - If you would like to pick up the cover from the Richmond, B.C. factory or co-ordinate and pay your own freight and/or have the cover shipped collect we reduce the cover costs posted above by $20. If you are outside of Canada you will be required to organize and pay your own freight FOB the Richmond, B.C., factory. You're responsible for your own old cover, we can't help you dispose of it. Remember the prices above would be reduced by $20 in this case. 

Delivery Option C

In all other cases we cover the first $20 of shipping costs to you. We get accurate freight estimates from various shipping companies only as a last step to processing a cover order. Otherwise to much time is spent getting estimates rather than processing orders. You're responsible for your own old cover, we can't help you dispose of it in these cases.

In this last option Freight charges to you will range anywhere from $0 to $100 with the average freight charges to you in BC ranging from $20 to $70 and $30 to $120 outside of BC but still inside Canada.


Note: No order will be process until we contact you to verify all details and payment information. 

Preferred Method of Payment We need a heads up on your preference.


   Looking forward to serving you.

Please allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of insulating covers.
Once again, these covers are made to your specifications, we can not be responsible for miss-measured covers


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