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General Categories Available below

Information Request / Order Form

Note: No order will be process until we contact you to verify all details and payment information. 

In order to assure a proper fitting cover please carefully measure your spa and fill in the following form. All measurements must be in inches. Please note; these covers are made to YOUR specifications, and we can not take responsibility for miss-measurements!

Red indicates Required field Information

The Type of Cover

Options and up charges

Upgrade to High Density Foam for 50% more strength & 8% better insulation. Add only $20 to the above price.

Ship Freight collect/Pick-Up (you co-ordinate with our assistance)

Ship Freight Prepaid in BC (usually $10-50) 

Ship Freight Prepaid outside BC inside Canada (usually $50-100)

Receive all three of the following services for only $20

Local Delivery only add $10 

Local Measuring only add $10

Local Disposal of old cover only add $10 - Sorry not available April, May or June

Your overall Measurements Length X Width (inches)
 Length & Width Should be Like 88"x76"   Not Like 7'4"x6'4" 

From the picture below choose the shape of your cover. NOTE: Some spas, such as Hot Springs or Okanagan 'pear', 'spirit' or 'peanut' (with curved sides) do not fit any of the choices shown. We have templates for many spas. Call us. We will need to know the brand and model. Also allows us to double check your measurements for you if provided.

spa cover


From the picture above, fill in the direction of the hinge of the cover. i.e. if the hinge runs parallel to measurement A, type in "A".
Hinge Direction:  and/or

Fill in the measurements in inches that corresponds to that shape (if a particular measurement is not in your covers shape please write "N/A"). 
Please round up to nearest 1/2" inch.  
: B: C: D: E:

Make/Brand of Spa.   
Model of Spa.            

Diagonal Measurement Inches
This allows us to double check your measurements for you to some degree.

Some covers have corners that are rounded. If yours has rounded corners please fill in the dimension of the radius, in inches, as pictured, below ( hint: if the number you give is larger than the correct dimension the cover may not fit, when in doubt make the radius a little smaller and the cover should fit ok ). If the corners of your cover are square please leave this blank.

R: Please round down this measurement to nearest whole inch.



From the picture below, covers generally have a "skirt" of vinyl hanging down the side to cover and protect the edge of your spa (some spas that are flush to a deck may require no skirt, if so choose none), please select that measurement below.

Skirt Length:  

Custom Length Round up to nearest 1/2 inch.

From the picture below choose a color (please note, colors may vary slightly from how they appear on your computer). 

available in the 5 most popular primary colors only.

DOREGSWL.JPG (88538 bytes)

Click on image for close-up view. 

The center is the silver/grey underside of the cover exposed to the water on the EG series cover. This helps to reflect some heat back toward the water.



Click on the desired color below


Dark Grey



Light Grey
Very Neutral - Blends anywhere


Note: No order will be process until we contact you to verify all details and payment information. 

Home Phone(s)  
Work  Phone(s)  

Preferred Method of Payment We need a heads up on your preference.

Web/order forms temporarily glitchy, 

Print page before submitting 
and fax to 604-942-0685
Or copy and paste into an email to admin@absolutepoolspa.info

Just in case

Please note, we can not dispose of your old spa cover in May or June, as these are the busiest months of the year and we are limited for space, we have products coming in and going out. In addition, this is the time of year we are trying to focus on the swimming pool season and have limited resources to deal with the spa covers this time of year.


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