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Made from Durable High-Grade

  • Resists premature fading and deterioration.

Supported by Extruded and Tempered Aluminum Channels.
  • Superior strength under all weather conditions.

Rigid High-Density 1.5lb. Foam Core and Heat-Saver Sealing Gaskets.
  • Reduces heating costs.

Foam protected by a heavy mil, heat-sealed vapour barrier.
  • Optimum resistance to vapour transmission for greater cover life.

Security Lock Kits included.
  • Provides extra safety and security.

Comprehensive extended 2 year warranty.
  • Reassurance of quality manufacturing.


  • POWER SMART approved (4" to 3" Tapered Covers).
  • STA-WARM specializes in custom design and unique application features.
  • Double reinforced handles for easier handling.
  • Ultra-Violet Resistant and Cold Crack resistant to -10 deg. Fahrenheit (-23 deg. Centigrade).
  • Reinforced Polyester Vinyl for underside.
  • High Density Type II (1.5 lb Closed-Cell) insulating foam core:
  • Thermal Resistance (R) value is 4.04 per inch
  • Power Smart cover has an R-Value of 14.14. 
  • Hermetically sealed, Extra-Thick, Custom Formulated Polyethylene Vapour Barrier Extends life of foam inserts.


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